School Policies

The school will operate in accordance with the Woburn Public School calendar. Vacations, holidays and school cancellations will always coincide except for early release days. Our school year will start mid September and finish late May. If WPS have a delay, W.O.W. will be closed. If there is a school cancellation, an email will go out as well as a message on our Facebook Page. Our main number will also have a message. The number is 781-933-2393.

We reserve the right to salute the flag daily in every classroom and give thanks for our daily food. Each room has two exit doors. Fire and safety drills are conducted every other month so that the students are familiar with the procedure. Our phone system has extensions in every classroom with direct lines to 911, Fire and Poison Control.

If, when beginning school, your child has a separation anxiety, we ask that you leave the classroom so that the team of teacher and aide can work with your child to adjust to the school setting. We invite you to wait in the office or staff lounge until your child settles down. Please feel free to call the office at 781-933-2393 to check on your child’s progress. Remember, this is not unusual, and it is part of our job to make your child feel comfortable. We will have some of your child’s favorites available in the classroom, which might make him/her feel more at ease. Once they become familiar with the classroom setting and learn to trust us to be there for them, then they will be ready to participate.

Transitioning Students From One Level To The Next
Our students typically remain in the same level classroom from Sept – May. During the spring, our in-house students who will be promoted to the next level, are brought into their new classrooms by their present team to meet the new educator they will have in the fall. The Monday prior to the start of school in the fall, is a parent/student visit day to view cubbies, bathrooms, art area, etc. (Classroom tour)
Behavior Management Plan
We base our discipline plan on a positive approach where good behavior is rewarded and conflict resolution is exercised. Our students are involved in the establishment of classroom safety rules.

Classrooms are designed by the staff to prevent possible issues with a variety of age-appropriate activities and by offering children choices.

Lots of verbal communication and good role-model behavior are key elements.

World of Wonder is familiar with various local outside agencies which provide supplementary services to pre-school students. If any staff member becomes aware of an apparent issue with a child, whether physical, emotional, behavioral or social, the Director should be informed immediately. The child’s teacher and the Director would make several observations and log and record findings. The child’s parents would be contacted by either the teacher or the Director on the phone or in writing and set up a meeting time to further discuss the child’s difficulties. If the school and parent feel that outside services would benefit the child, World of Wonder will provide the parent with referral information.
Contingency Plans for Emergency Situations
Contingency plans for emergency situations are in place reflecting various specific cases. (loss of heat, water, power outage, fire, natural disasters, etc.) All classrooms have evacuation backpacks full with appropriate supplies.
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Coming & Going
Drop-Off and Pick-Up
World of Wonder offers two choices when bringing and picking up your child from school.

The first is the “Parent Escort” which simply means the parent(s) is responsible to walk his/her child to the classroom door at the beginning of the day and pick up his/her child at the classroom door at the end of the day. Parents’ vehicles may be parked in available spaces in our lot or on Main Street and adjacent side streets.

The second is a free “Drop Off and Pick Up”. Any parent(s) choosing this method will be given a color-coded badge for his/her child which is always to be worn on your child’s outside clothing so it is visible to the staff.

When dropping off child, at drop-off area, aide will take child from car, check badge and escort child to his/her classroom. (A color-coded oaktag card will be given to parents for their vehicles, with child’s name in bold print.) All children are greeted by the Director and/or the Assistant Director in the side foyer.

When picking up child, parent will pull up to drop-off area, show card, aide will then go to specific classroom for child and escort child into vehicle with his/her parent.

If your child is having a separation problem, or is reluctant to enter on his/her own, we encourage you to wait to choose the Drop-Off until he/she is more comfortable with the school setting.

Children will only be dismissed to parent, legal guardians or other adults listed on the Consent Form and the Transportation Form (after proper identification is shown, MA License with picture is preferred).

Please call or use one of our “Note to School” slips if someone other than the designated person will be picking up.